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The next generation of batteries

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posted on 2021-09-08, 05:38 authored by Diego Holanda Pereira de Souza

Diego Holanda Pereira de Souza, The next generation of batteries

Winner – Curtin University VYT local competition (2021)


The replacement of fossil fuels as energy sources is extremely necessary. The sun and wind are sources of renewable energy, but sometimes we don’t have a sunny or windy weather. We need to develop batteries that can store the energy from green sources to use it when they are not available.

My research aims to develop the next generation of batteries.

Current generation batteries require a liquid that is flammable, can leak, may be volatile in hot weather and can degrade over time. What I do is to work on a new all-solid material that will replace this liquid. These new materials will increase safety, energy storage capacity, durability and will enable the fabrication of smaller, lighter and cheaper batteries. Solid-state batteries will bring energy to remote areas, better quality of life for people and lead the way into a green future.



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