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Swarm-Based Drone-as-a-Service (SDaaS) for Delivery

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posted on 2023-09-04, 03:53 authored by Balsam Alkouz

Balsam Alkouz - Swarm-Based Drone-as-a-Service (SDaaS) for Delivery

Winner, University of Sydney VYT local programme (2023)

Abstract: There has been a growing interest in the applications of drones as a cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative in various domains. Particularly in the context of delivery services, the demand for contactless and efficient delivery solutions has surged. Drone delivery offers faster and greener deliveries. Although single drone delivery offers numerous advantages, it faces significant challenges in scenarios where multiple packages require simultaneous delivery. Flight regulations, which often limit the carrying capacity of individual drones, necessitate the exploration of alternative solutions. Therefore, this video presents a novel Swarm-Based Drone-as-a-Service (SDaaS) model and framework for multiple package delivery. The proposed framework prioritises the composition of services that optimise Quality of Service (QoS) factors, such as delivery time and energy consumption.



University of Sydney