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Spotlight on NK cells: super immune warriors

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posted on 2023-09-12, 23:54 authored by Kaushalya Perera

Kaushalya Perera, Spotlight on NK cells: super immune warriors

Winner - Deakin University Winner VYT local programme (2023)

Inside our body, there's a continuous battle between our immune system and the pathogens that try to invade. Our defense system is made up of two main battalions. Our first army is fast. They are the first to face the intruder, but they cannot defeat all intruders. And our second army is usually late, yet more powerful. But my research is about them, who carry the potential of the second army, but march with the first. They are called Natural Killer or NK cells. So, NK cells are both fast and powerful. But still, there’s a lot more to discover about them. In my research, I'm going to further study these cells using zebrafish. Because the zebrafish defense system is similar to ours. My experiment involves putting a fluorescent tracker on NK cells, so we can study their every movement, even their art of battle. Uncovering the potentials of NK cells will help us to understand how these cells keep us safe and sound. Bless You!



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