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Pipe Diagnostics: Just Add Pressure Waves

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posted on 02.10.2020, 04:48 authored by Jane Alexander
Winner - University of Canterbury (UC) local VYT competition 2020
Finalist - international VYT competition 2020


Are you tired of going 30 through roadworks?
Our water supply pipes are leaking, they’re blocked.
“We don’t know exactly where the problem is, so we just dig up the whole thing!”
Roads look like THIS all the time! There MUST be an easier way!

Introducing… pressure waves!

Just generate a pressure wave inside the pipe. It travels through the water, bouncing off whatever’s in the way. All YOU have to do is measure what goes in, and what comes back. Easy!

Right now, researchers are using experiments, physics, and computer models, to understand and predict how the pressure wave reflection is affected by the fault type, the fault size, AND the fault location.
So we can have smart, real-time pipe diagnostics, without excavation! All this, so YOU can drive smoother.



University of Canterbury (UC)